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I'm living on shattered faith

....The kind that likes to restrict your breath

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80's, 99 bananas, a global threat, a-ha, a.d.d, adam russell, advil, alcohol, aleve, anger, anthrax, anthraxed muffins, anti-flag, bacardi, balloons, beds, beer, bikini kill, black flag, blood, blood for blood, brandy, breaking stuff, brody dalle, buses, bushes, campbells, candles, candy canes, casualties, cell phone, cheap sex, chocolate, circle jerks, cky, clouds, coheed and cambria, coke, computers, cookies, corn nuts, creme de menthe, devotchkas, dill weed, dinosaurs, disturbed, donuts, eyeliner, fall out boy, fire, flashy stuff, food, foothills, from autumn to ashes, fun stuff, guitar, gummy bears, heinel, hi-lighters, hot pockets, ice cream, incubus, internet, jack in the box, judas priest, kelsie, kelsies pantry, kfc, kittie, knives, le tigre, lighters, lighting stuff on fire, loud music, lower class brats, mad tv, make-up, marbles, matches, milkshakes, modest mouse, mudvayne, muffins, needles, night, nin, oi, orange juice, owls, pain, pantera, parking lots, penis, photography, pictures, piercings, pills, polka dots, popsicles, pretty colors, pv mall, raccoons, radio, rain, ramen, razor blades, rebecca, rebs, riots, ritalin, sham 69, sharks, sleeping, slipknot, slushies, spiderman, starbucks, storms, stuart, suckers, sugar, taking back sunday, taking pictures, talking on the phone, tcby, the 80's, the adicts, the beach, the cure, the distillers, the kitchen, the ramones, the roof, the sky, the unseen, things that flash, thirteen, throwing balls at fans, trampolines, tsol, tv, twisted sister, tylenol, tyler, vodka, wendys, xtreme vodka, yeah yeah yeahs, yo no trabajo, your mom